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Building on past successes at Buildex, Walas Concepts and Dudoc Vancouver have been asked by the tradeshow to represent the latest innovative building trends from Europe at Buildex 2018. We are excited to represent these building trends through an exhibition and educational sessions. Buildex Vancouver is Western Canada’s largest tradeshow and conference for the Construction, Renovation, Architecture, Interior Design and Property Management industries. With over 600 exhibits, and more than 80 educational seminars Buildex attracts over 14,000 attendees annually.

Our representation of innovative building trends will be done in an interdisciplinary pavilion of partners that include a mix of start-ups and established firms, educational providers and/or governmental organizations. We offer exhibits and presentations. The goal of this pavilion is to provide examples of innovative approaches and tools that make cities and buildings more sustainable.

The topic of this year’s pavilion is Smart Cities, Smart Buildings. Given that our urban cores are expanding, the demand for natural resources is increasing, while the supply of those resources is depleting at a fast pace, it is becoming of growing importance to create systems of integrated and efficient operation. The use of information and communication technologies in buildings and cities is essential to provide for a more interactive and smart critical infrastructure. Furthermore, the integration of smart technologies and systems provides an opportunity to gather data and then use that information to analyze and improve efficiency. Technological innovations have the capacity to add efficiency, interconnectness and long-term sustainability. We are looking forward to sharing the latest innovative buildings trends from Europe on this topic.

If you offer innovations, technologies and approaches to making our cities smarter and more efficient, we think you might be interested in this opportunity. To learn more Buildex Vancouver, the market or if you want to apply, please contact Dudoc Vancouver. For European inquiries, contact Irene Kinderman at If you are located in North-America, please contact Kitty Verduin at

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